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Posted by Andrzej Adamek on Aug 30, 2017 2:52:00 PM

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Xfurth Ltd – Providing products and services formerly offered by Herfurth UK Ltd.

Xfurth was formed by the former staff and employees of Herfurth UK. This followed the closure of Herfurth UK as a result of a decision by the major shareholder who no longer wished to continue the business.Recognising the excellent reputation and unique level of service Herfurth UK offered to it’s customers during it’s 18 years of operation, the former staff and employees of Herfurth UK identified a need for the continued availability of the products and services formerly offered to industry by Herfurth UK. Xfurth was formed to meet this need.

The formation of Xfurth Ltd enables former Herfurth UK customers to continue to enjoy the working relationships established with the same people with whom they worked with at Herfurth UK. Xfurth will continue to supply and service equipment, machines, generators, transducers and tooling, as formerly supplied by Herfurth UK.

Xfurth is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of plastics welding and joining systems. The capability to design and manufacture all of it’s own products makes Xfurth the leading UK manufacturer of plastics welding machines and equipment.


Standard ultrasonic welding machines (rocking table).

Special ultrasonic welding machines (single-head with sliding or rotary table etc).

Special purpose ultrasonic welding machines (multi-head for the Automotive, Domestic, Medical, Communications etc. industries).

Spin welding, friction welding and hot plate welding equipment.


We consider ourselves as No. 1 in the technology of welding application, joint and product design and method. We are the only UK manufacturer producing large special multi-head machines in the UK for Ford, Peugeot and Rover for both the home and export markets.

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